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Thanksgiving at GWK | Mac and Cheese.

The diversity of our team has contributed more than just success to our offices. It has also contributed a new way of celebrating Thanksgiving in a manner that takes pride in novelty and fusion. At our business in particular, we are fortunate enough to experience Mexican-American, Jewish-American, Costa Rican-American and American Southern traditions of Thanksgiving all in one holiday. We, like so many other businesses and homes across the country, have the opportunity to taste the unique flavors each culture contributes, and subsequently, their own different takes on American classics. This inevitably invites the timeless debate: who does it better? This year, the office finds itself in a heated trial to determine who has best perfected the art of macaroni and cheese. You take your side. Baked Mac and Cheese Crafted by Cindy • 2-3 cheeses minimum, swimming in boiling milk • Stove top, then Baked • Seasoned bread crumbs on top • Petit ziti pasta Spicy & Gooey Mac and Cheese Crafted by Aly • Lots of milk and butter boiled with hydrated ancho chiles • Finely minced garlic • Lots of gouda for stretchy consistency • Shell shaped pasta Pizza Mac by Orlando • Basil and oregano seasoned tomato sauce • Mozzarella cheese and milk • Parmesan on top • Large ziti pasta Philly Cheese Mac by Dustin • Philly cheesesteak • Green bell peppers • Mozzzarrella and milk • Elbow pasta The fusion is subtly there. Who did it better though?

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