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New Year’s Resolutions with Greenberg, Weiss and Kaplan.

Amid the crash diets and inconsequential commitments to sugar abstention, everyone has the sincere intention of following through with at least one annual resolution. Our office isn't any different, hence, we've compiled a list of relatable objectives to share with our subscribers. We hope that the implementation of our New Year's Resolutions not only improves our standards of safety and self-care, but also brings better quality of life. Resolutions Regarding Family 1. Dedicate more time to leisure activities in an effort to strike a balance between work and play 2. Cook home cooked meals more frequently 3. Plant a garden at home Resolutions Regarding the Workplace 1. Organize team bonding activities 2. Implement energy saving procedures, such as actively unplugging office appliances at the end of the day 3. Encourage the recycling of materials Resolutions Regarding Ourselves 1. Practice activities that encourage self-reflection, such as yoga and meditation 2. Visit the library more frequently 3. Learn a new recipe every month Resolutions Regarding Safety 1. Limit driving at night or while it is raining 2. Revisit home evacuation routes with the family 3. Restock on safety and hurricane supplies 4. Revisit insurance coverage plans Happy New Year!

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