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Florida Winters: A SAGA of Single Day Cold Fronts.

Winters in Florida are unique. Those that are fortunate enough to experience it know that it is not only the best part of the year, but also the most surprising. From 24 hour cold fronts to “Snowbird traffic”, here is our take on the Sunshine State Winter. 1. Surprising fact number one: a “cold” winter is actually 70 degrees. We do not want to hear about how hard your Boston winters are. 2. Our second not-so surprising fact: we break out the single peacoat in our closet the second that it drops under 70. It is always from Burlington Coat Factory and almost never suitable for actual cold. 3. Campfires and s'mores are a 68 degree affair. 4. Publix makes the best holiday cookies. There is no debate. We will not have this debate. 5. The communal act of decorating boats with festive light installations for intercoastal parades is a thing. 6. Going to the beach on the holidays are a thing. 7. As soon as Thanksgiving Dinner finishes, the “snowbirds” are here. These are individuals who are easily identified by their non-conformist driving habits. 8. The mosquitoes hibernate. Kind of. So what can we do to prepare for a safe Florida Winter? You can anticipate all of these special, Floridian winter occurrences by reviewing your boat coverage plans, driving safely and defensively, and inspiring yourself with holiday cheer in tandem with Christmas scented mosquito repellent. Be sure to: 1. Adjust the heat in your car on cold days BEFORE you pull out of your drive way. Stay focused! 2. Practice safe habits on the road around both locals and Snowbirds. The rules don't change! 4. Stay alert and safe on the water, especially around high marine traffic. 3. Stay as festive as possible. Have a safe and happy holiday.

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