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Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover My Air Conditioner?.

During the summertime, most individuals find themselves occupied with vacations, events, pool and beach days, baseball games, and other outdoor activities. After your days of fun in the sun, returning to your air-conditioned home to relax is one of the best ways to cool down from the heat. However, what do you do when your air conditioner unit suddenly stops working? Whether from unit failure due to age and use, physical damage caused by weather, or simply failing from a broken coil, air conditioner units are not always reliable. In the middle of the heat and humidity, it can be difficult to know how to proceed with repairs. You don’t want to be left wondering if you are required to perform them yourself or if your insurance company will cover repair costs.

Is My Air Conditioner Covered?

Here is a general breakdown of which air conditioner-related issues your homeowner’s insurance will likely cover and what is typically not covered by the average policy.

Policy Definitions

Your homeowner’s insurance policy will lay out specific perils that are covered. Generally, a peril is considered to be any event that causes damage to your personal belongings inside the home, or the structural integrity of the home itself. Most policies typically cover fire, theft, and weather damage. The following are example scenarios:
  • Hail damage: if the central air conditioning unit is damaged in a hailstorm, the homeowner’s policy will most likely cover these repairs. A central air conditioning unit is considered part of the structure of the home, and will often be covered under dwelling coverage, depending on how the unit is damaged.
  • Fallen trees: most homeowner’s policies cover damages caused by falling objects, specifically when caused by inclement weather.
It is important to note that while most central air conditioning units will be covered in peril-related incidents, window units typically fall under personal property, and are not always covered. Contact your insurer for further explanation of what your specific policy covers. air conditioner unit

Age and Usage

If the air conditioning unit breaks down because it is older and well-used, be aware that most policies do not cover general wear. Therefore, repair costs will be your responsibility as the owner. If you live in an older home, an easy way to ensure that your unit is running properly is to schedule annual maintenance checks. These checks will either reveal that everything is running smoothly or will ideally identify a problem long before your unit breaks down.

General Part Damage

Homeowner’s policies do not cover part failure or damages if they are not caused by a peril-related event. For example, if the air conditioning unit’s fan stops functioning on a hot day, and no peril-related event is identified, then the homeowner would be responsible for the cost of repairs. The same is true of frozen coils, leaking refrigerant, thermostat/sensor failure, and drainage issues. These issues are fairly common in a central unit and can be avoided through annual maintenance checks.

We are Here to Help!

Put simply, your central air conditioning unit is typically protected from any weather damages, vandalism, or other peril-related incidents. Unfortunately, breakdown from a lack of maintenance or common age-related issues is unlikely to be covered under your insurance policy, and repairs will be your responsibility. At GWK Insurance, we can help you find the best insurance policy that meets your budget, lifestyle, and needs. If you find yourself unsure of your options or are looking for a homeowner’s policy for your specific needs, our experienced agents are ready to assist you. Contact us today to get started.

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