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Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage to Your Car?.

Each year, Floridians prep their homes and supplies for hurricane season’s potential damages. Depending on your homeowner’s insurance policy, your house and belongings are generally covered. But those policies do not typically include hurricane damages to your car, as you have an auto insurance policy for that. However, you may be wondering if comprehensive auto insurance will cover those damages to your car.

Common Types of Hurricane Damage to Vehicles

Hurricanes can be powerful enough to level a home, so you can only imagine what damages these storms could do to your vehicle, from windborne debris to storm surges. And being near the coastal areas of the state only heightens the risk of damage. If a hurricane tears through your city, then your car may be susceptible to several common types of hurricane damage, including:
  • Uprooted trees and branches hitting or landing on your car
  • Strong winds flipping your car
  • Wind and windborne debris smashing into your car
  • Flooding and other water damages, such as mechanical damage
  • Corrosion from saltwater exposure

Does Comprehensive Auto Insurance Cover Hurricane Damage?

Nearly every state requires drivers to carry some form of car insurance, including liability coverage. As you can imagine, hurricane damage to your car can be costly, which is why having auto insurance can be beneficial, as most comprehensive insurance policies typically do provide coverage for hurricane damage. Collision and comprehensive are the two types of auto insurance that can help with hurricane damage repairs to your vehicle. As with any insurance claim, coverage is dependent on the causes and circumstances related to the hurricane damage. For example, collision insurance will typically cover damages caused by accidents with other vehicles or stationary objects. And comprehensive insurance tends to cover other types of damages, such as flooding, falling trees, or debris, which often go hand-in-hand with hurricanes. Comprehensive insurance will often provide coverage for the following types of loss:
  • Hail or lightning damages
  • Weather or flood damages
  • Theft
  • Vandalism

Finding the Best Comprehensive Insurance for Your Car

If you own or lease a vehicle, it is extremely beneficial to review your auto insurance policy to see if yours covers hurricane damage to your car. At GWK Insurance, we help individuals find the best policies that meet their unique budget and needs. Contact us today to help you find the right comprehensive insurance policy to cover potential hurricane damage to your car.

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