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3 Types of Coverage Your Motorcycle Insurance Should Include in 2022.

Whether you are a road warrior, adventure seeker, or daily commuter on your motorcycle, there are a few types of coverage your motorcycle insurance policy should include. Just like automotive ownership, having motorcycle insurance is a way to help financially protect yourself and your investment. It is also worth noting that having auto insurance does not mean your motorcycle is covered unless you specifically add it to your existing policy. But how do you know what types of coverage your motorcycle insurance policy should include?

The Basic Requirements of Motorcycle Insurance in Florida

Just like most insurance policies, each state will have different requirements. For example, the state of Florida does not require you to get motorcycle insurance. However, like many states, you are required to carry a minimum of $10,000 in bodily injury liability coverage per person which provides compensation for another person’s injuries or damages should an accident occur.

3 Types of Coverage Your Motorcycle Insurance Should Include

The minimum required liability coverage may not sufficiently pay for your legal costs, injuries, and claims if you end up being sued for an accident. This could leave your assets and personal finances in jeopardy. You should ensure that any policy you have will sufficiently cover your passengers and potential bodily or property damages. If you are shopping around for motorcycle insurance and evaluating which policy makes the most sense for you and your needs, you should consider the following three types of coverage.


Medical payments (MedPay) will pay for you and your passenger’s medical bills that result from an accident. While it is similar to personal injury protection, it does not pay for any lost wages or other costs incurred.

Collision & Comprehensive

You should also opt for a policy that provides collision and comprehensive coverage to pay for physical damages to your motorcycle after the deductible has been paid. This coverage is also applicable in the event your motorcycle gets stolen or is damaged by an animal collision or even non-collision-related damages.

Personal Injury Protection

Similar to car insurance, personal injury protection (PIP) will generally pay for any incurred medical bills resulting from an accident, often regardless of fault. The details of each policy will vary by state and provider, so you should have a clear understanding of your policy’s PIP.

Shop the Right Motorcycle Coverage for Your Needs

Having motorcycle insurance can be in your best financial interest and ensures that you are covered if an accident happens. The main challenge is evaluating which policy and provider make the most sense for your needs and budget. At GWK Insurance, we make it a point to educate, inform, and assist our clients and help ensure you are making the right insurance choices. Contact us today to help you shop for the best motorcycle insurance for you.

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